The journey continues, 1986-1987

Constantia finds herself caught in a mix of confusing and intense small and large crushes, including a major crush on Cees van der Sloot and Peter Naber. She got to know the first through her involvement in an anthroposophical innovation group, while the second is one of her roommates. Despite mutual enthusiastic feelings, Peter is gay. Constantia is attracted to multiple people at once, including female classmate Annemieke Harfterkamp, and thinks she identifies as bisexual. She has her first truly intricate, love crush on Dirk van Laanen. In 1987, she makes the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

A strict selection was made in 1986, as many of the diaries are too revealing. The whole of 1987 is published except for two censored out pages of the last diary of 1987.

“The Journey Continues” also includes two study notebooks, where she documents possible evidence of the existence of things beyond what meets the eye.

More diaries will be added to this section up to a number of 15.

A selection was made

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